Luke Skywalker: "Go loot somebody, your greed is repulsive."
Scamp: "Listen, Luke! Truth often depends on your point-a-view!"
Luke Skywalker: "Whoooah! Deep thought for such a shallow petty thief!"
Luke Skywalker and Scamp[src]

Scamp was a young thief on the planet of Solay.


Early lifeEdit

"This all?! Yer slackin' off! You gone and forgot all the tricks I taught you?!"
Scamp's father[src]

Born during the rule of the Galactic Empire, Scamp was part of a large family that lived in the slums of the planet of Solay. Scamp's father taught his son how to steal from those in the more rich parts of town. Schooling the boy in a variety of tricks of the trade, Scamp's father made the boy into an accomplished pickpocket. Scamp was forced to turn over the majority of the loot to his father, but he was careful to always hide the best pickings for himself. Scamp eventually built a reputation that allowed him to get into the seedier parts of the planet, including local cantinas. In one of these places, Scamp became acquainted with the infochant, Braxas.

Meeting Luke SkywalkerEdit

"I could use a man who can handle a saber. Lots of good looting these days! An' I love money!"

Following the Battle of Endor, revolutionaries on Solay led by the freedom fighter, Raggold, rose up against the Imperial-allied Solay Royal Court. However, thanks to a traitor in the rebel ranks, an Imperial fleet led by the local Imperial Governor quickly retook control of the world. Luke Skywalker, a Rebel hero who had fought in the recent battle, was searching for the traitor when he was encountered by Scamp. Seeing an easy mark, Scamp attempted to steal Skywalker's lightsaber but was caught in the act. Skywalker told the young thief that he was searching for the traitor, and Scamp offered to help—hoping to make some money out of the endeavor.

Before starting their search, Scamp revealed information about the traitor, telling the Rebel that the Imperial Governor had financed the rebellion against the Solay Royal Court so that he could step in afterward and take full control of the planet. Scamp led Skywalker to the home of a wealthy rebel soldier, hoping to rob the man during Skywalker's interrogation. As Skywalker used the Force to threaten the man, Scamp filled a sack with stolen wealth. However, the man knew nothing about the traitor, and Scamp and Skywalker left. Skywalker, depressed over the lack of progress, attempted to rebuke Scamp for stealing from the wealthy rebel. Scamp justified his actions, claiming that he had only stolen from a fellow thief.

Confronting BlackartEdit

"If I know our ex-King Blackart, he's trying to get off-world. He must know who the traitor is."

Scamp suggested that the two visit the Solay spaceport, in order to question the former leader of the world, King Blackart, who would likely attempt to flee the world by stealing a ship. Just as Scamp predicted, the two found Blackart at the spaceport, but when they confronted him, Blackart lashed out at Skywalker, knocking him down and escaping to a nearby rocket ship. Scamp, intent on stopping Blackart from escaping, helped Skywalker to his feet, gave him a wing pack, and placed him on a jump platform. Pulling a lever to the platform, Skywalker was propelled high into the air, and he used his pack to glide towards Blackart's escaping ship. Skywalker destroyed Blackart's ship, forcing the ex-King to crash land. Scamp and Skywalker interrogated Blackart, but the King also had no idea who the traitor had been.

Skywalker, depressed that their search had led nowhere, began to wander the streets, engrossed in his own thoughts about the situation. Scamp woke Skywalker from his stupor, and the two decided to return to Scamp's stash to drop off the stolen loot. Scamp was greeted warmly by his family, but his father yelled at his young thief for bring back such a small haul. Skywalker attempted to intervene, but Scamp held the Rebel back. The two left Scamp's home where Skywalker began to sympathize with the young boy. Scamp, warming up to the Rebel soldier, decided to lead Skywalker to one last person who might have answers. Going to a local bar, Scamp introduced Skywalker to Braxas, who had information about the traitor. Braxas revealed that the traitor had actually been Raggold, the leader of the Solay revolutionaries who had been killed in the battle. In exchange for the information, Braxas requested that Skywalker take him off-world, and the two left Scamp behind, escaping Solay in Skywalker's shuttle.

Personality and traitsEdit

"Besides, ya wanna hang out with me, don't give me that morals smorals gunk, okay? I got my own 'point-a-view' on things, and' you got yours."

Scamp was a precocious young boy who supported his family by stealing from the wealthier populace of Solay. Despite his less than respectable occupation, Scamp justified his thievery by claiming that he had a different point of view than others. Scamp was well-liked by his family, who were always happy to see him return home. However, his father usually threatened the young boy, demanding better results and more loot from his son.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Who's home…you! It's the Scamp."
―Scamp's father[src]

Scamp was created by Ann Nocenti for use in Marvel Star Wars' Star Wars 89: I'll See You in the Throne Room. Scamp's name may in fact be a nickname, as the word "scamp" can refer to a mischievous rascal. However, the boy introduces himself as "Scamp" and both his family and the citizens of Solay refer to him as Scamp. However, Scamp's father calls the boy, "the Scamp", perhaps confirming that it is simply a nickname. Nevertheless, the boy's father, an abusive man, may have named him "Scamp" as a form of further psychological abuse.


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