Separatist Blockade Station

The Separatist Blockade Station above Gwori.

Scan gates were security stations used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems at the Gwori shipyards.

To prevent Republic infiltration, scan gates were equipped with radiation beams to kill organics, as the Republic forces was almost entirely consisted of clone troopers and Jedi. Despite this, Anakin Skywalker developed a countermeasure to infiltrate the shipyards. The strike team, save R2-D2, was frozen in carbonite. R2-D2 controlled a B1 battle droid to slip past the defenses. While in carbonite, the life-form scanners couldn't pick up anything, and the radiation beam was useless. R2-D2 almost gave away the plan when he spoke via the droid in binary, but the droids didn't realize it. A rat nearly gave it away again, but the radiation beam destroyed it, and the Republic vessel VX-391 managed to get past the gate. Later, when the remnants of the strike team attempted to flee, they stole a Munificent-class star frigate, but the ship was unarmed and unshielded, as the Y-wings of Hunter Squadron destroyed the deflector shield during their attack. The scan gate detected everyone, and Juhm, not willing to let the Jedi escape, ordered the radiation beam activated. Despite this, the timely intervention of Plo Koon and Saesee Tiin destroyed the scan gate.


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