"We have a mission for you, Captain Solo. Something that I feel is perfectly suited for someone with your particular... skills. We have an errand for you to run to Vergesso."
Mon Mothma to Han Solo[src]

The Scanning in the Vergesso Asteroids was a minor skirmish during the Galactic Civil War in the Vergesso Asteroids.


"The captured pirate has divulged information he's gathered on this superweapon project. We know where Tarkin was conducting research, but we risk a frontal assault on a fortified Imperial station."
―Mon Mothma[src]

In order to retrieve more information about the new Imperial superweapon, the Alliance decided to attack one of Grand Moff Tarkin's research facilities.

The station in question was heavily defended, so Han Solo was tasked with infiltrating an Imperial cargo facility in the Vergesso Asteroids and attaching an EMP device to a container bound for Tarkin's station.

The missionEdit

Mon Mothma: "You're going to find a particular cargo container that is destined for an Imperial research facility, and place a device in it."
Han Solo: "This device wouldn't be of the explosive persuasion, would it?"
―Mon Mothma and Han Solo[src]

Han Solo and Chewbacca used the Millennium Falcon to scan the system. Their intention was to find a container that would be heading to Tarkin's research station.

At some point Boba Fett, in the Slave I, arrived in the system searching for Solo but the Falcon managed to escape him.

After destroying some TIE/LN starfighters on patrol, Han found the container and succeeded in placing the EMP device and left the system before any more Imperial reinforcements arrived.


"We've been tracking the cargo container, and the Empire has finally delivered it to the station at Corulag. The EMP device we've planted will be discovered soon, so time is critical. Hurry to Corulag and detonate the device. With the station's defenses taken offline, we can move in and raid the facility for information."
―Mon Mothma[src]

After the Millennium Falcon left the system, the container and its new load was sent to Tarkin's research facility, in orbit of Corulag. A Rebel fleet was quickly assembled to raid the station.

Behind the scenesEdit

This battle was the eighth mission of the Rebel campaign in the 2006 video game Star Wars: Empire at War.



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