"I'm going to Scaparus Port."
"What's Scaparus Port?"
"It's a couple of klicks up the coast. Not much of a town but about all there is to do around here."
Penn Zarang and Zare Leonis[src]

Scaparus Port was a spaceport on the planet Arkanis. It was about two klicks from the Arkanis Academy. Though the planet was controlled by the Galactic Empire, the port was occupied by a variety of merchants, some of which conducted under-the-table business. One such business was Jasko's, managed by Jasko, which provided comm booth services that were not monitored by the Empire. Jasko had previously washed out of the academy and enjoyed making things difficult for its manager, Commandant Brendol Hux. The port was nestled in a gap between two cliffs and many of its residents sported injuries due to the dangerous nature of the fishing industry on the planet. Those stores that did not cater to Imperial cadets instead catered to the fisherfolk. Many offered staples such as caf and jogan fruits.[1]

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