"Scarlet Bloodhawk — quite a colorful name — and probably a colorful character to match."
―A Rebel[src]

Captain Scarlet Bloodhawk was a Rebel sympathizer who operated, at different times, a repairing port for starships and a smuggler starship.


Scarlet Bloodhawk was a female who owned a spaceport with repair facilities during the Galactic Civil War, which was staffed by herself, her domodroid H2-1B4, and the Ky'lessan known as "Snake-Eyes" among others. At some point, Snake-Eyes turned on Bloodhawk, locking her up in her own quarters and taking control of the spaceport. During this time, tasks such as maintaining the landing beacons were neglected.[1]

While Bloodhawk was imprisoned, an old friend of hers[1] who was a member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic,[2] arrived at the spaceport with their ship and crew needing repairs. While Snake-Eyes pretended to help them, he in fact called in the Galactic Empire to capture the Rebels in return for a reward. H2-1B4, loyal to Bloodhawk and knowing her old friend as well, relayed Snakes-Eyes' intentions to the group of Rebels. The Rebels broke into Bloodhawk's quarters and freed her. However, during the attempt, the alarm was raised and Scarlet, H2-1BA and the Rebels were forced to flee into the wilderness. With the Empire due to arrive soon, Bloodhawk and the group sneaked into the repair dock where their ship was held and succeeded in taking control of it. However, an Imperial cutter was inbound to their position, and the group discovered that the engines of their ship had been sabotaged. Bloodhawk and H2-1B4 worked to repair the ship while the spacers exchanged fire with Imperial troops outside. Eventually, the ship was repaired and lifted off, pursued by the cutter. The spacers attempted to engaged the ship's hyperdrive, but found it inoperable.[1]

Sometime later, Bloodhawk was captain of the Capri Nitari, a smuggler ship crewed by herself, Haynes, and Shandar. At some point they made a successful Kessel Run and spent the next week and a half on the planet Mandrine in and out of local bars. In Maizie's while drunk, Bloodhawk stumbled into the booth next to hers and encountered Kelly Vermillion, HumanOrlak hybrid mercenary. The same night, she watched as Kronus and his heavies entered the bar to start a brawl. Bloodhawk and her crew retreated to a safe distance, watching as a Shaliz'Na named Tyric, who had been playing the synthesizer, drew Kronus' fire to keep the patrons safe. One of Kronus' minions drew a thermal detonator, and was swiftly killed by someone else, but Tyric scooped up the thermal detonator and used it to kill Kronus.[3]

Bloodhawk also encountered a Homanan shapeshifter named Nana who was part of Vermillion's crew; Nana had previously changed into a Wookiee and had been nosing around the Capri Nitari. When Bloodhawk confronted Vermillion about the Wookiee, she was surprised to learn it had been Nana all along. Later, Bloodhawk was at a Rebel base when a Proliferan—an intelligence ant-like creature—known as "Red" turned up looking for fun and adventure, and hooked up with Vermillion's crew. Bloodhawk kept tabs on the group as they worked for the Alliance to Restore the Republic, but vowed to stay clear of them. On another visit to Maizie's, Bloodhawk met with a bounty hunter named Justice and his "pet" Truth.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

Scarlet Bloodhawk was known to not spare expenses in important tasks, including maintenance of landing beacons. She was also a trustworthy friend.[1]

A known Rebel sympathizer, Bloodhawk was trusted by the Alliance to know the location of one of their bases. She kept a log of her adventures, and was known to like a drink.[3]



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