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A scavenger, also known as a salvager, was an individual that salvaged old and discarded items and parts for sale or later use.


Rey, scavenging parts from a Star Destroyer on Jakku

Jawas were scavengers by nature.[1] A group of Jawa scavengers on Tatooine discovered the droids C-3PO and R2-D2 in the planet's desert wastes and sold them to Owen Lars.[2]

Gha Nachkt was a Trandoshan scavenger operating during the Clone Wars who captured R2-D2 and intended to sell him to General Grievous.[3]

Rey was a human scavenger on the planet Jakku who scavenged parts from various Imperial and New Republic vehicles and ships leftover after the Battle of Jakku. She exchanged parts with Unkar Plutt for portions of ration packs.[4]


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