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Professor Schardak was an archeologist working for the Alliance to Restore the Republic. During an excavation on the planet Tatooine, he found an tumulus which seemed to be at least 100,000 years old. When a group of Rebel operatives heard about it, they met the Professor in a cantina in Mos Eisley then decided to follow him in his expedition. In the tomb, they found an old sarcophagus.

With the help of his fellow Rebel operatives, Schardak managed to carry the sarcophagus to the planet Kinzor, his usual den. He then used powerful lasers from the archaeological museum to open the heavy metallic box, which contained an ancient mummy. The next day, the mummy escaped, killing individuals in the process. Schardak was among them, but the mummy took his body to steal a starship and went to the the Dagmar system. On Dagmar II, the possessed body of Schardak eliminated everyone in his path, before the mummy left it. He was later found by the Rebel operatives who helped him and were at the mummy's pursuit.


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