"Aside from having seen troopers murder his parents and a couple dozen other colonists, being stuck inside a spaceship with a bunch of us ugly aliens might be making him nervous."
―A Rebel agent assigned by Luke Skywalker to take A'kazz home[1]

The Schenor were a species of tall felines native to the planet Rhamsis Callo. They upheld a code of honor and a respect for the martial arts, and lived in a stratified society with noble, middle, and peasant classes. All Schenor were Force-sensitive.

Biology and appearance[]

"Just that he gives me the creeps, sitting there staring at me all the time with those bulging yellow eyes…"
―A Rebel agent assigned to take A'kazz home[1]

The Schenor (scientific name Schenor sapiens) were a species of 8 foot-tall felinoids with large yellow eyes. All members of the species were Force-sensitive. The young were referred to as "hatchlings," suggesting an oviparous reproductive system.[1]

Society and culture[]

Schenor had a strong respect for the martial arts. They held an unyielding honor code, a deep commitment to their families, and a traditional distrust of outsiders. Schenor grouped themselves in social units known as nest-guilds, led by a nest-guildmaster. Their society was highly stratified, with Schenor nobility maintaining great power over the servile peasant and middle classes.[1]

The Schenor's technology was advanced enough to create reaction cars. Those cars were large, noisy, and inefficient ground-effect vehicles that were fast and powerful, but not particularly safe or nimble. The architecture on their homeworld, Rhamsis Callo, was dominated by red sandstone decorated with clay ornamentation in earth-tone geometric patterns.[1]

The species also maintained a presence away from Rhamsis Callo, including a research station a great distance from their homeworld staffed by several dozen individuals.[1]


"Well, the kid must've seen something important, or Skywalker wouldn't be sending us half-way across the galaxy to deliver him to his people."
―A Rebel agent assigned to take A'kazz home[1]

The Schenor evolved on the planet Rhamsis Callo,[1] in the Danjar sector of the Outer Rim Territories.[2] The Schenor had maintained neutrality during the Galactic Civil War, avoiding allying with either the Empire or the Rebellion, although they eventually allowed the Empire to begin construction of a base on their homeworld.[1] However, at some point between the Evacuation of Yavin and the Battle of Endor,[3] a research station operated by the Schenor came under attack by a heterogeneous group of mercenaries.[1]

A team of Rebel agents responded to the station's distress call, only to find an ongoing massacre of station personnel. After a spirited firefight, an Imperial gunboat pinned down the Rebels and collected the mercenaries, leaving before the Rebels could track it. Inside the facility, they found only a single survivor of the dozens of Schenor stationed there, a juvenile named A'kazz.[1]

The Rebel team delivered A'kazz to a nearby Alliance base, where Commander Luke Skywalker questioned the Schenor hatchling privately. Believing A'kazz's condition would lead the Schenor to side with the Rebellion, Skywalker directed the Rebel agents to return the young Schenor to his nest-guild. The agents landed at the spaceport of Chafflock on Rhamsis Callo and departed there by reaction car, avoiding being waylaid by local Imperial forces assigned to the partially-completed base.[1]

The Rebel agents delivered A'kazz to B'karitz, the nest-guildmaster of A'kazz's nest-guild and a figure of influence in a powerful Callo province. Initially suspicious of the agents, B'karitz soon discerned that they were not seeking ransom for the hatchling and questioned the youth in a telepathic trance. B'karitz was appalled to learn of the trauma inflicted on A'kazz and vowed to break the Empire's treaty with his people and drive them from the world. B'karitz, his nest-warriors, and the agents went to the Imperial base, where B'karitz declared to the Imperial ambassador that the treaty was null and void and that the Imperials must leave. The Imperials pretended to cooperate, but only long enough for a detachment of troopers to surround the group and attack. The besieged group was able to break through the encircling forces and make their way to the Rebels' ship, from which B'karitz was able to summon aid from other Schenor nobles. The Imperials attempted to flee, but the Rebels were able to disable and board the ambassador's cruiser, returning the ambassador to the planet for local judicial action.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Schenor appear in "The Silent Witness," an adventure idea from the first edition of Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. The adventure describes them as "eight-foot samurai catmen."


Notes and references[]

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