"Bravo! Bravo! An excellent showing! I am Schnil Hakoon. I see that these fools have failed in their mission to recover the Amber Eye, for none of you is Pierce Mantrell. You are, however, from the ship which arrived earlier today. Attend me. I wish to make you an offer."
―Schnil Hakoon propositions a group of undercover Rebel agents on Kirtania[src]

Schnil Hakoon was a Kubaz crime lord who functioned from the city of Kinkosa City. Hakoon settled on Kirtania, from Kubindi, after learning that insects were plentiful within the planet's environment. To increase his wealth and power in the insect farming market, he turned to crime and hired the Ebon Coursers mercenaries as his personal body guards.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Born on Kubindi, the male Kubaz Schnil Hakoon was a businessman and innovator. His family on Kubindi owned the patent on several breeds of designer insect used in Kubaz cuisine, and Hakoon's goal was to corner the market on his homeworld. With Kubaz cuisine gaining high status amongst the more adventurous members of the Imperial officer corps, Hakoon traveled to the planet Kirtania as he had heard that the world was teeming with insect life. Hoping to corner the market in insect farming on the planet, he established himself as a crime lord in order to raise the capital for his agricultural endeavours. Hakoon soon became known as the being to go to for black market goods in Kinkosa City. He established a headquarters in the city, and hired the bounty hunters known as the Ebon Coursers to serve him. Hakoon also owned the Amber Eye, a smooth, palm-sized amber crystal with a rare insect trapped inside that was valued at 35,000 credits.[1]

At some point during the Galactic Civil War, the Human thief Pierce Mantrell broke into Hakoon's headquarters and stole the Amber Eye. Incensed, Hakoon set the Ebon Coursers to recover the Eye. The gang encountered a group of undercover Rebel agents at Kinkosa Starport, and mistook one of them for Mantrell as one of the group resembled the thief immensely. A lightfight ensued, and an Imperial patrol intervened, confiscating the participants' weapons. Hakoon witnessed the affray, and offered the undercover Rebels a deal while meeting in a local cantina; he had discovered that the Rebel's ship was low on food and water. In exchange for supplies—including weapons to replace those taken by the Empire—they would hunt Mantrell and recover the Amber Eye. As his men had searched the starport thoroughly, and Hakoon was sure Mantrell had not escaped on a ship, then the Kubaz reasoned that Mantrell must have gone into the nearby rain forest. The Rebels, needing supplies and aware that they could accomplish Hakoon's goal while they were carrying out their own mission—searching for wanted terrorist Doctor T'Jaleq Kith'Araquia to procure Shiarha Root to treat an outbreak of Direllian Plague—agreed. Hakoon advised them to contact the bartender in the cantina they were meeting in once they had succeeded.[1]

After returning from the rain forest having successfully completed the mission, the Rebels contacted Hakoon through the bartender. Good to his word, he had restocked their ship and he sneaked them aboard their vessel in crates as the local Imperial authorities had learned of the Rebels association with Kith'Araquia and his Araquian tribesmen.[1]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Hakoon was trained to use a blaster, and was knowledgeable about bureaucratic procedures, insect farming, and the goings-on on Kirtania.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Schnil Hakoon appeared in The Quality of Mercy, an RPG adventure written by Nicky Rea published in Star Wars Adventure Journal 1 by West End Games in 1995. If the players failed to recover the Amber Eye for Hakoon, he is angry at the players and will set the Ebon Coursers on them at a later date. In addition, the players will have to figure out an alternative method of getting aboard their ship undetected. This article assumes that the player characters successfully completed the task as recommended.

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