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Faust scientist Dr. Nuvo Vindi

"A scientist must question—or be worth nothing."
Vul Isen[1]

Scientists were beings who followed the profession of studying, and in some cases manipulating, the nature of the galaxy. They studied biology, chemistry, physics, or derivatives of these fields. Many scientists also displayed a great interest in midi-chlorians. Some scientists, such as Jenna Zan Arbor, made a living by introducing a virus into a world, then months later, when the civilization was devastated by it, releasing the cure for a huge sum of credits.

Scientists' field of enterprise varied greatly, with some going into the design of interstellar ships, aiding the creation of ships such as the TIE/D Defender or the Star Destroyer, or building superweapons. Many stuck to the typical natural scientific studies. Often, scientists had the title of doctor, like Farnsworth. Scientists either worked alone, or as a community at universities such as the University of Coruscant or the University of Sanbra.



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