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A perception scope

"The only difference between medium range and long range is what equipment you're using."
―Unidentified individual[src]

A scope, targeting sight,[1] or sighting macroscope[2] was a piece of optical enhancement technology that could be attached to a blaster in order to significantly increase the accuracy of the user's shots, particularly at longer ranges. Typical scopes were extensions of macrobinocular technology, where the visual-enhancement provided therein was reformed from a hand-portable device into a single, lightweight tube-like shape that could be easily mounted onto a weapon's upper surface.

Scopes were essential components for most types of sniper rifles and could also appear on customized weapons where they had been fitted. An example of this was the Tusken Cycler rifle.

"Scopes" or "'scopes" was also a slang term for a ships sensor systems.

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