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The Scorekeeper was the goddess of the Trandoshans. According to Trandoshan belief, she existed beyond time and space. She watched Trandoshan hunters, and awarded them "Jagannath points" for each kill. The more prestigious or rare the target killed, the higher its value in "points" would be. The condition of the pelt did not matter to her. Wookiees were prized as a particularly high point-value target. The stakes of failure were quite high, however—all jagganath points were erased by shame or capture in the process of a hunt, giving the Trandoshan in question a value of zero in the eyes of the Scorekeeper.

While the Scorekeeper appears to be an exclusively Trandoshan deity, a Trandoshan named Qyzen Fess became convinced that Yuon Par's Padawan (who was neither a Trandoshan nor a devotee of the Scorekeeper) was her avatar or "Herald".

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