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"We don't know what it was, sir, but it took out three platoons. We can't let the Colicoids get these things offplanet."
―Republic Advanced Recon Commando Stec[1]

The Scorpenek annihilator droid was a droid constructed by the Colicoid Creation Nest.


An annihilator droid

In essence a much larger version of the Colicoids' droideka, the annihilator droid was armed with two dual rapid-fire laser cannons cocked back in the menacing form of a rampant scorpion. It could target with either a crimson photoreceptor, or with a composite radiation sensor. It also carried a combination particle-energy shield, similar to the shield produced by the annihilator's smaller cousin. Because of this extra shield, droidekas would position themselves inside the annihilator's shield for more protection. With fewer than one hundred annihilators on Colla IV, the Colicoids placed them around strategic or political resources. However, their eye was a large weakpoint and could be easily taken down by the slightest touch to the center of the eye.


Count Dooku displays a Scorpenek droid to Separatist leaders

In the later stages of the Clone Wars, Republic forces launched an attack on Colla IV, where a single annihilator droid took out three of the four platoons of clone troopers that had been advancing on the shielded factory. Advanced Recon Commando Stec was one of the survivors. Knowing more Republic forces would arrive, a CIS task force was arranged by the Colicoids to ship the annihilators to the front lines of the war. Annihilator droids also participated at the Battle of Formos and the Battle of Palahni, where they scored victories for the Confederacy.

A single annihilator could decimate a dozen AT-TEs and make them nothing more than smoking husks. Not surprisingly, these droids struck fear into their enemies' hearts, and turned the tide in the battles at Palanhi and Formos to score Separatist victories.

In the Outer Rim Sieges, Republic commanders had to send a large number of clones to take out a single annihilator, causing the Republic to further curse the massive droids. However, they did not have a huge influence on the war's outcome due to their huge price tags. They were so expensive in fact, there were believed to be less than a total of 100 annihilator droids in existence.

Annihilators in action on a forested planet

Like all Confederacy battle droids at the end of the war, in 19 BBY, the annihilators were deactivated when the new apprentice of Darth Sidious, Darth Vader, sent the deactivation signal across the galaxy from Mustafar. After the droids were deactivated, Emperor Palpatine[1] (the public persona of Sidious)[2] arranged for the remaining annihilators to be taken to the Imperial Department of Military Research. Many were then taken from the Imperial Department of Military Research and were transported to be used on Palpatine's private citadel on the Deep Core world of Byss.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Scorpenek annihilator droid appears to be based on a piece of concept art for Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. It also resembles concept art of what would become the droideka.


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