A scout platoon was a formation of the Imperial Army.


Twenty-nine men strong, the scout platoon was made up of two line squads commanded by a sergeant major, and a scout squadron headed by a lieutenant. A scout squadron was comprised of two scout lances, with the lieutenant replacing the sergeant in the command lance. Although the lieutenant was officially in charge of the entire platoon, tradition left the "grunts" almost exclusively to the sergeant major, while the lieutenant handled the squadron.[1]

A scout platoon could be augmented by the addition of three more scout lances, and a line squad.[2]

The Special missions company had one augmented scout platoon attached. This variant had four scout lances instead of five, and no line squad. The sergeant major and the lieutenant were also provided with a speeder bike each. The special mission variant had 22 speeder bikes compared to the 10 speeder bikes in a standard platoon. This gave them increased mobility at the expense of manpower.[2]

Order of Battle organizational chartEdit

Scout platoon organization
Scout platoon organizational chart on the Imperial Army Order of Battle


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