Scout troopers wore a suit of armor during their service in the Galactic Empire.


Since scout troopers were light scout sniper units, their armor was noticeably lighter than normal stormtrooper armor. Their helmets had visors derived from macrobinocular scopes that allowed them to see longer distances, for sniping and reconnaissance purposes. These visors also equipped with terrain-following tactical readouts, and were capable of detecting energy emissions, night vision, and designated target magnification. On their torso, the armor had several packs, allowing the trooper to carry various equipment. Their power unit backpack was also modified to act as a storage backpack for various gear. In addition, the built-in comlink systems in their helmets were also boosted to ensure long-range distance calls. Most of the equipment they carried was used for survival and camping, as they did much of it during long scouting treks. Scout troopers were trained and equipped to be able to survive without assistance from other Imperial forces for long periods of time. On their right legging, a small holster was built in for special blaster pistols. On Hoth, during the battle there, scout troopers wore specialized armor, similar to that of snowtroopers, to keep warm.


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