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Captain Tycho Celchu performed a scouting mission where he flew a captured TIE fighter to scout the planet Coruscant and its defenses. The mission was successful until Celchu was trying to head out and was shot down with an ion cannon and captured by the Galactic Empire.


In the Battle of Bakura, the Alliance to Restore the Republic captured a TIE fighter that was later heavily modified to carry extra sensor packages. This fighter was used in 5 ABY when the New Republic decided to send a pilot to scout the Imperial capital, Coruscant. Captain Tycho Celchu volunteered for the mission.

Upon arrival, Celchu orbited Coruscant several times, collecting data about the defenses and other facilities around the capital. Only later did he land to send the data he had collected via different routes to the New Republic. The Republic captain spent two weeks in Coruscant before he was ordered to return home and record as much additional data as he could on his way out.

Tycho Celchu was supposed to meet a freighter that would carry him back to the New Republic, but when he was leaving two ion cannon blasts hit his ship disabling every system. The self-destruct mechanism was also crippled and Celchu was captured. He was taken to the secret Lusankya facility, where the Director of Imperial Intelligence, Ysanne Isard, attempted to brainwash him into one of her sleeper agents.



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