ScragHull commando boats were vessels that operated on the planet of Sarnus, acting as the workhorses of the personnel employed at the Sarnus Refinery. In 45 ABY, Lando Calrissian, who owned the Sarnus Refinery, gave a ScragHull to the Jedi, Leia Organa Solo and Luke Skywalker so that they could track down Han Solo after he had been captured by the Columi brothers, Craitheus and Marvid Qreph. They used the vessel to attack the Qrephs' asteroid crusher, the Ormni and its complement of Bes'uliik starfighters. They also threatened to shoot down the Qrephs' Marcadian luxury cruiser, the Aurel Moon with proton torpedoes, but let the craft escape when it became clear that Han Solo was on board the vessel.[1]


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