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"This predator lunged out of a still pool and dragged one of our team members under before we could effect a rescue. The body was never recovered."
Halka Four-Den speaks about a scrange on Dagobah[src]

The scrange was a large tusk-tailed reptile that lived in the muddy swamps of Dagobah.



A fully exposed scrange.

The scrange was the apex predator of Dagobah, attacking its prey with a great ferocity. Scranges were beaked and had many bioluminescent patches on their body, arranged in a ridge along its spine. When prey got close, attracted by the lights, the scrange would lift out of the mud on its six crustacean-like hind legs to make a quick attack or it would use its four tail tusks to impale its prey.[1]

Scranges somehow found their way to several worlds. During the Clone Wars Battle of Brentaal IV, a scrange attacked Jedi Master Shaak Ti and her crew of Quinlan Vos, Lyshaa, Ryyk, Sagoro Autem, and a clone trooper. The predator was able to kill Ryyk, but was killed by Ti when she pierced its head with her lightsaber.



A scrange attacking Shaak Ti, Quinlan Vos, and Ryyk.


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