Scraper was an Imperial stormtrooper stationed at a smelting plant on the planet, Golrath.


Scraper and his fellow trooper, Carli were relaxing in one of the rooms when they suddenly became aware of a group of Rebels moving in on them. They fired at the approaching Rebels, but soon realized that the invaders were actually holographic projections recorded months earlier when the Rebels had occupied the plant as their base. The rock walls on Golrath had special properties where they would absorb the light around them when heated and release the light as they cooled. When their commander Lieutenant Mils Giel found out about this phenomenon, he immediately realized that they could use these recordings to discover Rebel secrets. But the Rebels had found out about this as well, and launched an attack on Golrath Station, destroying it and presumably Scraper along with it.

Personality and traitsEdit

Scraper was not one of the numerous stormtroopers bred from the genetic line of Jango Fett. He had short, closely cropped, auburn hair and was frequently seen lounging about, smoking cigarras during his off-hours.


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