The Scraplands of Ord Mantell were a vast waste north of Worlport.


Essentially a dumping ground for the original colonists of Ord Mantell, the area of barren expanse known as the Scraplands was the result of thousands of years of manufactured waste. Strip mining operations, shipyards, and salvage pits, littered the landscape, while destroyed starfighters and other starship remains were left there to be recycled or broken down in acid lakes that dotted the location. An environment unique to Ord Mantell, the Scraplands were the most expansive and inhospitable dumping grounds in the Galactic Republic. Constantly choked by smog blowing in from Worlport and the smoke of thousands of fires burning eternally amidst the trash, visitors and workers in the area required breath masks to survive in the region.[1]

While no native life thrived in the Scraplands, some beings tried to irk out a living among the unstable piles of waste. Savrips hunted in the region, making it dangerous for unarmed individuals to wander far out of their settlements. Nomads and the impoverished dug through the trash looking for valuable tools and parts that could be sold. Settlements, known as squats, popped up in the region; though high mortality forced these settlements to break up and disperse. One of these squats, called Yalawua, was home to many Jawas.[1]

The Scrapyard's main form of transportation was an armored hovertrain rail system established by Mantellians to service the larger communities there. While the trains fell into disrepair by the time of the Galactic Civil War, two lines were still maintained and were used to transport cargo and individuals between Worlport and other civilized areas.[1] The assassin droid IG-88D interrogated and battled Dash Rendar at a salvage plant during the civil war.



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