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"Trash... just not approved trash."
―Cal Kestis on the treatment of Scrapper Guild workers[src]

The Scrapper Guild was an organization active on the Mid Rim planet Bracca during the reign of the Galactic Empire and into the First Order/Resistance War that scrapped capital ships and other material from the Clone Wars.


The Scrapper Guild was established during the Clone Wars, when the facilities on the planet Bracca were optimized to efficiently dismantle and salvage capital ships, a process known as "scrapping" which soon became the most profitable industry on Bracca. The Guild expanded and adapted its enormous scrapyards to handle the disposal of many types of starships and vehicles, as well as the recycling and repurposing of related technology and infrastructure.[2]

During the war, sympathizers from the Guild aided the Confederacy of Independent Systems in an attempt to wrestle the system away from Galactic Republic control. In response to this, the newly formed Galactic Empire cut wages and lowered safety standards within Bracca's scrapyards. Despite these cutbacks, the Guild began an expensive campaign to find favor with the Empire by focusing on eradicating any vehicles, equipment and technology associated with the Galactic Republic. Prauf and former Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis were members of the Guild during the early years of the Empire.[2]

Shortly after the formation of the Empire, the Bad Batch, a group of rogue clone commandos, visited Bracca with former Clone Captain Rex to remove their inhibitor chips in the medical bay of a wrecked Venator-class Star Destroyer. To avoid Scrapper Guild patrols, they landed their ships in a hangar some distance from the Star Destroyer and walked in. When Wrecker asked why they had landed where they did, the group had to take cover from a Guild patrol on a hover barge, and Rex explained that they controlled the planet. Later that night, after the surgeries had taken place and Rex parted ways with the Batch, two Guild members on patrol saw squad leader Hunter outside of the wreckage, and one ordered that the Empire be notified about the intruders.[3] The Batch remained on Bracca for a bit longer, as Hunter hoped to find something valuable in the wreckage which could pay off the squad's debt to the information broker Cid. Echo, Wrecker and Omega had a run-in with three scrappers who were spying on them, resulting in a scuffle before they managed to stun and capture them. Afterwards, Echo insisted that they leave immediately, citing Rex's warning, but Hunter decided they would search the wreckage first, believing they would be gone long before the scrappers woke up. However, Imperial forces showed up instead, resulting in a skirmish.[4]

The Guild was still active around the time of the First Order/Resistance War. Having formed a Bracca resistance, Puwanini and other workers helped the Resistance during the mission to Bracca.[1]


"What if I screw up, take a fall? I got a family to worry about."
"A Rigger with a family? Oh friend, you've made some poor life choices."
―Two scrappers[src]

The Guild scrappers were divided between specialization: Cutters, Hazmats, and Riggers.[1] They were supervised by foreman droids, flying around on their hover barges. Being a scrapper was a hard job, when it was not downright dangerous.[2] Hazmat scrappers were at the bottom of the heap, having worked in toxic conditions and relied on dated safety equipment.[5]

Members of the Guild tended to come from low-income communities located all over the galaxy.[5]

The Guild operated a large network of high-speed cargo trains that transported salvaged parts and technology to be shipped off-world. The average shipment passed through 25 security checkpoints before being sent to the Core Worlds for resale.[2] The Guild also regularly operated security patrols on hover barges which monitored the starship graveyards of Bracca for intruders, which they would report to authorities.[3]

The guild also had a Guild store that sold hardhelmets to scrappers for 250 credits.[2]

Despite the Aurebesh signs that promoted "Safety first", the Guild required some of its riggers to salvage live munitions. Furthermore, the guild sometimes used the ship cutter to cut the wings off starships while Guild riggers were still aboard the wing, imperiling their lives.[2]


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