The Screaming Wookiee Squadron was a New Republic starfighter unit.


It began its operational career as a training squadron under then-Major Atton Repness; in this capacity it served as a "last resort" training outfit for pilot trainees that were on the verge of washing out of Starfighter Command. A Y-wing squadron, the Screaming Wookiees flew from the training frigate Tedevium that was in turn part of Solo Fleet.

The Screaming Wookiee Squadron was forced into early service under General Edor Crespin during the search for Warlord Zsinj, when the rogue Imperial stole the Super Star Destroyer Razor's Kiss from the Imperial-occupied Kuat Drive Yards shipyards.

Led by Crespin in his RZ-1 A-wing interceptor, the Screaming Wookiees relieved Wraith Squadron from escorting Nova Squadron's B-wing starfighters during the attack on the stolen vessel and Zsinj's flagship Iron Fist. The squadron did well enough during the mission to be made an official front line squadron.


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