"Nick told me it was Kar Vastor who persuaded the ULF to leave the corpses in the jungle. To make the scene so gruesome that I'd be sure to come here to investigate. To leave dead children-their own dead children-to the jacunas and the screw maggots and the black stinking carrion flies so full of blood they can only waddle across rotting flesh-Stop. I have to stop. Stop talking about this. Stop thinking about it."
―Mace Windu in his personal journal[src]

Screw maggots were a species of scavengers native to the jungles on the planet of Haruun Kal.[1] In 22 BBY,[2] the Jedi Master Mace Windu came to the planet to investigate a hologram depicting a slaughtered group of jungle prospectors and a recording that connected his former Padawan, a Chalactan woman named Depa Billaba, to their deaths. Windu later learned that Billaba had worked with Korun leader Kar Vastor to stage the scene so that Windu would come to the planet looking for her. He wrote in his journal wondering what kind of man could convince his followers to leave the bodies of civilians, especially the women and children, to be consumed by the likes of screw maggots and other scavengers such as jacunas and carrion flies. He found the idea revolting and quickly moved on in his thoughts.[1]

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The screw maggot was mentioned in the 2003 novel Shatterpoint, written by Matthew Stover.[1]

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