Scrim Island was a location on the planet Batonn. An Imperial garrison, located on Scrim Island, was overrun by a group of insurgents led by Nightswan. First, Admiral Thrawn was to retake the island at the same time as several other insurgents were dealt with by other admirals in nearby systems. In the end, admiral Durril was sent to deal with the insurgents by fleet admiral Jok Donassius due to Durril thinking Thrawn was not up to it and Thrawn being indifferent to which insurgent group he dealt with. After failing to retake the island, the Judicator, Admiral Durril's flagship, and the remaining support ships were forced to retreat. Admiral Thrawn was then sent to retake the island, much to Durril's displeasure. Thrawn used his Arquitens-class light cruisers to block the Island's Ion and Turbolaser fire while the Chimaera, Thrawn's flagship, moved up to the edge of the shield. The Chimaera's turbolasers fired into the water surrounding the island, causing tsunamis which incapacitated the island's weaponry. The insurgents surrendered and Thrawn returned to orbit to began repairs on his fleet, knowing reinforcements would be on the way soon.

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