The Scroll of the Lost Temple was a manuscript in the possession of the Ewok Shaman Logray. The scroll contained a chart that pinpointed the location of the Lost Temple and was written in Ewokese.

Besides several pictographs which showed several landmarks on the way to the temple, the scroll contained a brief description of the Lost Temple including its background and purpose. In addition, the scroll warned the reader that no Ewoks should enter the structure or they would be doomed. However, it did not specify why this was the case.

During Wicket W. Warrick's search for a birthday present for his mother, Shodu Warrick, he came upon the scroll of the Lost Temple. After reading the description and discovering that the temple contained a wealth of jewels, he decided to visit the building along with his friends, Princess Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka, Latara, and Teebo in order to retrieve a gem for his mother. Despite Kneesaa's reminder that the scroll warned that any Ewoks who entered the building would be doomed, Wicket ignored the advice, determined to prove how brave he was. After entering the temple, the four Ewoks discovered the source of the cryptic warning, as the temple was filled with many deadly booby-traps, and the four friends just barely escaped with their lives.


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