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The scrubber droid was a fifth-degree maintenance droid produced by Industrial Automaton.


A scrubber droid in the Theed Hangar.

This series of droids was designed to clean up hazardous materials from spaceports and hangar areas. The scrubber, which resembled a squat box, moved about in search of fuel spills and other areas where potentially dangerous chemicals pooled. It could communicate with the Theed Royal Palace computer system. The box-shaped droid was equipped with fuel scrubbers and two sensors called "sniffers" to detect any dangerous fuel leaks.[1]

The scrubber was effective at its work, collecting as much of the hazardous material as possible without any sort of fear of its dangerous situation. In those situations where a fire broke out before the scrubber could clean up a spill, the droid was equipped with a fire extinguisher to put out a variety of fire types.


A couple of old Scrubber models found in Watto's shop.

A scrubber droid model was used by the Royal Naboo Security Forces in 32 BBY. Yet two other scrubber droids were found in Watto's shop. A droid of another model was acquired by Jawas on Tatooine and stored in their Digger crawler in 0 BBY.



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