Scuppa was the captain of Jabba Desilijic Tiure's personal starship as well as his second-in-command for many years.


The Siege of Cog Hive SevenEdit

"You should be relieved my friend. I'm going to let you reactivate your turbolasers."
―Jabba to Scuppa[src]

Scuppa was a part of the group Jabba took with as he went to attack Cog Hive Seven. On the Star Jewel, they successfully captured the prison ship Purge and used it to sneak into the prison.


Jabba doubted Scuppa's loyalty, and so after Scuppa suffered a head wound that needed surgery, Jabba had the surgeons implant a vial of xenoboric acid into Scuppa's head. Jabba would then be able to kill Scuppa at will should the man ever turn on him, using a remote control to release the acid.

Scuppa took Jabba to Gaar Suppoon's planet, and then en route back to Tatooine where they encountered a Nuffin freighter. Jabba, Scuppa, Bib Fortuna, and two Weequay guards boarded the freighter in the hopes of pillaging it. Instead they were captured by the guards of Princess Nampi. Fortuna and the Weequay were thrown into the brig while Jabba and Scuppa were brought before Nampi herself, who deserved the treasure trove aboard Jabba's ship. When Jabba refused to give her the deactivation code for the ship's security system, she had him thrown into the brig as well. As he was led away by the guards, Jabba told Scuppa not to tell Nampi anything. Scuppa had other ideas.


Scuppa's demise.

More interested in saving himself than loyalty, Scuppa proposed to Princess Nampi that with Jabba indisposed, he had command of their ship and could force Jabba to give Nampi the code. This failed to go as planned, and Nampi ordered Scuppa killed. To Nampi's surprise, Scuppa asked for a warrior's death so he wouldn't disappoint the princess. Smitten, Nampi fell in love with Scuppa and decided to marry him. Seeing a chance for greatness, Scuppa accepted, little knowing that Nampi's species consumed their husbands on their wedding night, a fact Nampi's guards, helping Scuppa prepare for the wedding, failed to mention.

On the wedding night, Nampi devoured Scuppa alive. However, his betrayal of Jabba ended up saving the Hutt's life. He used the remote control to open the valves of the vial in the devoured Scuppa's head, releasing the acid into Nampi, almost instantly killing her.



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