"In the mission ahead, locate the Rebel officers who are fleeing from Hoth in a stolen Imperial Shuttle."

Scutz was an Imperial Lambda-class T-4a shuttle that was stolen by Rebel Officers.


"After about, five minutes into the battle, while I was still engaged with the X-wings, I noticed a Rebel shuttle had jumped in. The scanners said it was SHU Scutz. I inspected it before attempting to fire on it and discovered it was carrying some Rebel officers."
―Maarek Stele[src]

The shuttle was originally used by the Empire before it was stolen by Rebel Officers. The shuttle would then participate in a joint attack on Outpost D-34 by the Alliance and Mugaari pirates, arriving within 5 minutes into the battle.[1]

The shuttle was attempting to sneak past the Outpost carrying rebel officers. However, Maarek Stele, who was then an above average TIE pilot picked up the shuttle on his scanners while engaging X-wings. He managed to get close and inspected it to find Rebel Officers. Once that was done, he was contacted by the Priest informing him that Assault Gunboats are being dispatched. The Gunboats engaged the Scutz launching Concussion missiles which drained the shields and disabled it with their Ion cannons. Once the shuttle was disabled and immobile Delta-class DX-9 stormtrooper transports Epsilon 1 proceeded to board and capture it. The Shuttle then departed from the area entering Hyperspace to an unknown location.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Scutz features in the 1994 PC game Star Wars: TIE Fighter and its Prima Strategy Guides. The shuttle is to be inspected by the player to complete "Secondary" mission objectives. The capture of the shuttle is the missions "Bonus" objectives which can only be seen once they are completed.



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