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The Scyre was a clan of warriors indigenous to the planet Parnassos. Prior to joining the First Order, Phasma was a warrior in the Scyre, choosing to join the group of her own accord after their repeated encroachments on the territory of her family.


The Scyre was a clan on the planet Parnassos. They were led by a man named Egil. They waged war on a family over a cave called the Nautilus until one of their people named Phasma betrayed them and her family's territory to join the Scyre. Egil continued to rule them until he started to grow weaker. One night, a power hungry warrior called Porr attacked Egil in his sleep and mortally wounded him. Porr was then challenged by Phasma who toyed with him until her one-legged brother Keldo sliced at Porr's ankles and immobilised him. Egil bled to death during the fight so Phasma and Keldo took charge.[1]

About 3 years later, a larger clan called the Claw led by Balder attempted to steal their youngest member Frey but Phasma and her warriors managed to fend them off and kill a dozen of their warriors. Keldo then decided to reason with the Claw clan and they had a truce. A short while later, a First Order ship led by Brendol Hux came to Parnassos and was shot down by the Parnassos' automated defense system. Brendol, three stormtroopers and a droid managed to get out on an escape pod which landed at the edge of the Claw territory. Phasma and her warriors went to the Claw territory to check this out and saw Brendol and his men with Balder. Phasma revealed herself and when trying to make a deal with Balder, she killed him and a battle broke out. Phasma and her warriors killed another dozen Claw warriors whilst only loosing two and escaped back to Scyre territory with Brendol and his troopers.[1]

Phasma presented Brendol and his oppertunity for the Scyre to escape Parnassos to Keldo. However, Keldo refused this idea saying they were better off not risking their existence for this and was furious that the truce with the Claw clan was broken. Phasma was however very persistent to get off Parnassos and during the night, she and four of her warriors-Siv, Torben, Gosta and Carr-took Brendol, his troopers and a lot of supplies to search for his ship. Keldo was even more furious and the Scyre teamed with the Claw to chase Phasma and the others.[1]

The two clans traveled long and far to catch up with Phasma and the group but they finally intercepted them at a long fence talking to the Gand Churkk. They were down two people (Carr and a stormtrooper) and Gosta was injured and resting back at two GAVs they had acquired. Keldo and the others advanced on them and the stormtroopers fried on the GAVs to destroy them. The clans continued to attack and killed Gosta before she could get to the others. The group fired back at the clans and killed a number of them as they advanced. Churkk was killed in the firing and Phasma's group retreated through the fence.[1]

The clans continued their pursuit until they found the group at the fallen ship trying to contact Brendol's superiors and they attacked them as a last ditch effort to take them out. The two sides engaged each other and Phasma's group lost all but Phasma, Brendol and Siv. They killed them all off until it was just Keldo and Frey. Phasma killed Keldo and she took Frey with her when Brendol's superiors came to collect them. Siv was deemed too weak to join them and was left behind with the bodies of the Scyre and the Claw.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Delilah S. Dawson posted an image of the Scyre's flag as she imagined it on Twitter after inquires about it from fans, stating that the images were not official; however, Lucasfilm Story Group member Leland Chee then replied saying he would add the flags to the Holocron continuity database for future reference, making them canon.[2]



Notes and referencesEdit

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