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"…Walk the path with Scyva, the Constant Companion. Wife of divine Izax and avatar of sorrow, she weeps beside those who gladly march to embrace the Ultimate Devourer…"
―"The Grieving of Scyva," part of a Zakuulan devotional text[src]

Scyva, honored as the Constant Companion and the Mother of Sorrows, was one of the six primary Old Gods, the deities worshiped by the people of the planet Zakuul before Valkorion's ascension as Immortal Emperor. Scyva was the wife of Izax, the Ultimate Devourer, and the goddess of sorrow. Scyva was said to weep beside those Zakuulans who marched to embrace Izax, and Scyva and Izax had four children: the god of rage Tyth, the twin goddesses of passion and envy Aivela and Esne, and Nahut. The phrase "Heart of Scyva" was a frequent invocation among Zakuulans.[2]


After hearing of a superweapon present on Iokath; the Eternal Alliance, the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire waged war for control of this weapon, later revealed to be Scyva's son, Tyth.

After retreating from the Outlander, a strike team infiltrated the Valley of the Machine Gods to confront Tyth. Learning her son wasn't prepared to face the strike team, Scyva aided the God of Rage during the fight, as well as her daughters later on during the operation. After defeating Tyth, Aivela and Esne, the strike team head towards an empty chamber, where the Son of Shadows remains stealthed, asking Scyva to destroy the strike team. Unlike with her other children, Scyva refused to his request and active his containment protocols. When the strike team stop Nahut and confront Scyva, she claims that she comprehends their potential (whilst her children couldn't) and must be neutralised, however Scyva was unsuccessful. After her demise, she remains loyal towards the Outlander and attempts to stop Izax by controlling the Eternal Fleet, but were damaged before the strike team got to Izax. Controlling a repurposed GEMINI droid, Scyva and the strike team finish off the Ultimate Devourer in combat. Afterwards, the Outlander can use her power module to control Scyva during the Battle for Iokath.

Behind the scenesEdit

Scyva is referenced several times during the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion. Although only her voice, Scyva first appeared in Game Update: 5.2: War for Iokath, aiding her son Tyth, and again her daughters during Game Update: 5.3: Sisters of Carnage. She also appeared as a voice during Game Update: 5.6: A Traitor Among the Chiss, although this time she tried to stop her son Nahut from attacking the strike team. After her children are gone, Scyva herself appeared as a boss during Game Update: 5.7: Legacy of the Creator, and as an ally to the strike team when fighting against Izax in Game Update: 5.8: Command Authority, although this time again as a voice.

Scyva is the fourth boss in the Gods from the Machine operation, which 8 to 16 players can perform.



Notes and referencesEdit

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