"It seemed nothing could be worse than crashing into this endless ocean, Master Luke-- until those creatures appeared!"
―C-3PO commenting on the Sea-dragons[src]

The sea-dragons or waterworms of Drexel were gigantic sentient reptiles who dwelt in the never-ending ocean of their world. They communicated with each other using ultrasonic signals.

When Governor Quarg's scavengers arrived on Drexel, they set up a scheme where they used a sonic jammer to cause any passing spacecraft to malfunction and crash to the planet. But the jamming signal proved damaging to the Sea-dragons' and prompted them to attack the scavengers. The scavengers' technicians realized the damage their signals were causing and objected to their use, but their efforts were thwarted and they were exiled to the sea. But the technicians survived, and eventually developed a relationship with the Sea-dragons, and became to be known as the Dragon Lords, even though the relationship was between equals rather than one of servitude. As infants they resembled small lizards, and would spy on Quarg's city-ship to report the scavengers' intentions back to the Dragon Lords.

Infant Sea-dragon

When Crimson Jack and his battlecruiser entered the system at the direction of Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa, the scavengers tried to bring the huge craft down, but were unable to do anything but hold it in orbit. The Dragon Lords and the Sea-dragons feared the power that Quarg would attain if he were to acquire the huge craft, launched all out attack on the city-ship. With the help of Solo, Leia, and Luke Skywalker, the Dragon Lords and the Sea-dragons were able to defeat the scavengers and permanently disable their jamming equipment.

a sea-dragon swims to an air-pocket cavern

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The Sea-dragons were mentioned in the article Supernatural Encounters: The Trial and Transformation of Arhul Hextrophon, however the article was never officially published. The related information that was to be published in the article is outlined below.

Sea-dragons were a species of dragon that came into being during the primordial era of the the galaxy. As part of a plot by the beings Tilotny and Cold Danda Sine to spread discord in the galaxy, the Duinuogwuin were manipulated into creating monstrous and violent beasts with their Basiliskans offspring. While most of the creatures that were brought forth from this union, the Sea-dragons proved to be among the few exceptions, as they adapted the Duinuogwuin cultural benevolence.[1]

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