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Seacropper Submersible

Seacropper Submersible on Aquilaris.

The Seacropper Submersible was a submersible used on Aquilaris Minor around 1032 BBY during the Republic Dark Age. It was employed by members of the Seacroppers' Guild who were responsible for fishing for marine life to provide the population with seafood. By the time of the Battle of Capital Cay, most of these submersibles had broken down due to a lack of maintenance and spare-parts. One notable Seacropper was Joad Kreel who had first piloted the machine at the age of 13 years along with a then eight-year old Kerra Holt.

During the Aquilaris campaign, Joad used a submersible to evacuate civilians following the flooding caused by the Hutt crimelord Zodoh's fleet of Stormdrivers.


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