The Seacroppers' Guild was an organization of farmers that cultivated algae on the big oceans of Aquilaris Minor during the New Sith Wars. They were also fishermen who hunted for eels and members of the Guild wore a uniform consisting of grey overalls and boots. They were very organized, using other a hyperspace transponder but when the Deluge was distributed on the planet the guild ceased to operate efficiently.

Following the Battle of Capital Cay, the Seacroppers were "liberated" by Grace Command's Devil Squadron led by former Republic Navy Captain Jenn Devaad. While promising to distribute food and medical supplies, their true mission was to distribute more of the Deluge narcotic to undermine the Sith war effort. The Devil Squadron crew also requisitioned the Seacroppers' barracks and forcibly evicted the Seacroppers.

The organization was still active a thousand years later. Annileen Calwell spent time on Capital Cay sometime prior to 19 BBY, where she would enjoy watching the Seacroppers bring in their catch.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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