Sean Trenwell was a Director of Commerce for Bestine. Throughout 1 ABY, he ran against Victor Visalis in a series of elections, vying for the position of Mayor of Bestine.


Unlike his opponent Victor Visalis, who promised safety and an increased Imperial presence for Bestine, Sean's election promises were based on commerce and history by proposing to improve the marketplace and Museum for the residents of Bestine. spacers who chose to support his campaign had to gather supporting evidence from Bestine locals, and present them to Governor Aryon to record their vote.

Throughout 1 ABY both Victor and Sean would see success in the elections, and each periodically served as Mayor of Bestine. Upon his successful appointment, he would reward his voters with a special ornate rug or decorative statue. The Imperial presence within the city would diminish, and merchants within the city would increase. After one successful election, Sean employed a historian to serve the city. Upon the discovery of the crashed ship, the Red-Sin Valon just outside of Bestine, Sean tasked a spacer to protect the historian from possible Tusken attacks, and to help locate anything important from the ship's remains, particularly information pertaining to Sean's possible ancestor's being on board. The spacer located a damaged disk from a data terminal and returned the data to Sean. After viewing the data, Sean believed the data would severely damage his political image, and even force the Governor to remove him from office. So, he again tasks the spacer, this time to take the disk to a contact who destroyed the data to preserve Sean's political career. After informing Sean that the data has been destroyed, he rewarded the spacer with a rare painting of a star and planet.

Behind the scenes[]

Sean Trenwell was a Non-Player Character (NPC) in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies prior to its closure on December 15, 2011 and was featured in the Bestine Political Election mini story-arc. Players had to run a short quest for him, before voting in his favor.