The Seascape Mountains region was a vast underwater mountain range on the watery world of Dac. It was located south of the Algae Sward and between the Domed City of Aquarius and the Valley of the Giant Oysters. The highest peaks of the Seascape Mountains broke the surface of Dac's oceans forming an island chain known as the Hakawa Islands. This region was home to a species of undersea mammals known as Whaladons. A Human Whaladon hunter named Captain Dunwell frequently hunted in these waters with a small crew of Aqualish fisherman. Whaladon meat fetched an extremely high price on the Imperial market and was of great value to men in Dunwell's profession. He pursued and captured the native Whaladons practically to the point of extinction. The Whaladon Processing Center was located in the heart of the Seascape Mountain range. A venerable Whaladon, commonly referred to as Leviathor, patrolled the Seascape Mountain regions, striving to save his fellow Whaladons from opportunists like Dunwell.

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