Second-wave of Jelucan settlers' homes

"The Empire respects hard work. Absolute loyalty. Those second-wave folk—they don't think about anything but lining their own pockets"
―Paron Ree to Ciena Ree[src]

Second-wave was a term used by the original settlers of the planet Jelucan to describe the settlers that arrived 350 years after the initial settlement of the planet.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

The second-wavers were a group that had settled on the planet Jelucan largely comprised of wealthy aristocrats. They held most of the authority over the planet until the arrival of the Galactic Empire. The second-wavers considered the First Wavers, the original settlers of the planet to be filthy and backwards. In turn, the original settlers believed the second-wavers were disloyal and greedy.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Approximately 500 years before the planet Jelucan's annexation under the Galactic Empire, a small group of settlers arrived on the planet in an attempt to escape an oppressive king. 350 years later a second-wave of settlers arrived on the planet, in hopes of establishing mining operations on the planet. These 'second-wavers' prospered, leaving the original settlers to wallow in poverty. The disparity in wealth caused a division between the two groups.[1]

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