The Second Alsakan Conflict was one of the Alsakan Conflicts, a series of wars that pitted the Galactic Republic and its capital of Coruscant against the influential planet Alsakan. Beginning approximately 16,200 BBY, the Conflict saw fighting in the Inner Rim with the Second Siege of Porus Vida around 16,100 BBY, and in the Mid Rim with the Gizer Campaign about a century later, while the later years of the war saw fighting in the Core Worlds and the Colonies, primarily during the Core Campaigns around 15,600 BBY. The planets Skako and Commenor were both attacked during this time,[1] and Belgoth's Beacon—one of the original hyperspace beacons commissioned by Borte Belgoth around 25,100 BBY—was destroyed during fighting along the Perlemian Trade Route.[3] The Republic planet Abhean was the site of a battle known as the Strontium Raid in 15,480 BBY, though the Conflict ended in a draw in 15,400 BBY like the rest of the wars.[1]

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