Corran Horn: "If we want Blackmoon, we've got it."
Horton Salm: "What?"
Horn: "Whistler, my astromech, collected a lot of data while we were out there and has been running it through the programs he used to analyze smugglers' bases so CorSec knew where to hit them."
Salm: "This is an Imperial base, not some bandit's hideout."
Judder Page: "Begging your pardon, sir, but the droid found a lot of parallels to smugglers' bases, and that gives us some new options. Whistler also pinpointed Blackmoon from a star chart and is pulling up more data than we were given in our briefings. It can fall."
―Corran Horn, General Salm, and Judder Page[src]

The Second Battle of Borleias took place between the Imperial forces on Borleias and Rebel forces, including the remnants of Rogue Squadron, several weeks after the disastrous first attempt by the New Republic to take the world.


During the first Battle of Borleias, Rogue Squadron pilot Corran Horn, requested his R2-unit to create a report on the weather patterns of the planet known only to them as Blackmoon. After the disaster of that first assault all hope of taking the world was abandoned...until Corran and Lieutenant Judder Page were able to inspect the report created by Corran's droid.

With this information the two were able to identify Blackmoon as the planet Borleias and devised a new plan for its conquest. This plan was presented to Commander Antilles and General Salm, who then laid it before Admiral Ackbar. This new plan was accepted and put into motion.

The battleEdit

Rogue Squadron's mission was to approach the planet from its nearby moon during one of its regular meteor showers. They were then to destroy the power conduit that provided significant amounts of energy to the Imperial base. On his second attempt Wedge Antilles was able to destroy the conduit, allowing for the commandos, such as Lieutenant Page, to land and gain control of the planet.

During the battle the TIE squadrons once more engaged the Rogues. This time the Rogues were the ones to wreak havoc among the Imperial fighters. Corran Horn also engaged two TIEs that were moving to attack one of the Rebel's assault transports. He was able to destroy them but at the cost of being left behind. He did not have the fuel needed to leave the system and return to the Rebel base, so he hid on the surface of Borleias' moon.

The Imperials then began to search for the last Rogue across the moon's surface. Corran managed to hide for a time but was soon discovered by the TIE fighters. He destroyed a few before being rescued by fellow Rogue Squadron member Tycho Celchu and the smuggler Mirax Terrik.

The battle resulted in a victory for the Alliance and was the first step on their move towards Coruscant.



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