"My Lord—forgive me. Maul has once again slipped through my grasp."
"No, Count—everything happened as foreseen. This was a difficult piece to maneuever, but now it is in place. Maul's future has been erased, while
ours is more certain than it has ever been."
―Count Dooku and Darth Sidious[2]

The Second Battle of Dathomir[8] was a battle fought during the Clone Wars on Dathomir between the combined forces of the Sith and the Confederacy of Independent Systems; and the renegade Sith Lord Maul and Mother Talzin. The battle began after Maul brought the captive Sith Lord Count Dooku to Dathomir, so Talzin could drain the Count's life force and use it to return her previously-destroyed physical form. Darth Sidious was able to trace the location of Dooku, his apprentice, and traveled with General Grievous to Dathomir to rescue Dooku and defeat their enemies.[2]

Sidious and Grievous arrived to confront Maul and Talzin, the latter of whom had used her magick to take control of Dooku's body. This led to a lightsaber duel, in which Sidious quickly gained the upper hand against the Talzin-controlled Dooku. Talzin appeared in the flesh, returned to her physical form, and held off a Force lightning assault from Sidious and, eventually, Dooku. Talzin sacrificed her own life to allow Maul to escape, as Grievous fatally stabbed the Dathomir witch through the chest while Maul fled from Dathomir. The Separatists, meanwhile, also attacked Maul's Black Sun and Pyke Syndicate allies, leading the mercenaries to end their alliance with Maul—effectively destroying the Shadow Collective. Though Maul escaped, Sidious believed his former apprentice's defeat eliminated his future, while securing the future of the Sith.[2]

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