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The Second Battle of Outpost D-34 was a minor battle after the Battle of Hoth.


"During our attack on the Mugaari/Rebel weapons area, the Rebels launched a raid on Outpost-D34. It fell to the Rebels, despite a valiant fight."
―Imperial briefing officer.[src]

During the attack in the Tungra sector Outpost D-34 was attacked and captured. The Fogger had returned to Outpost D-34 to find it in Rebel hands. Fogger immediately launched a counterattack to recapture the station.


The Fogger destroyed two Escort shuttles from Post. Maarek Stele then investigated the Container Transport Gopher to find it carrying a majority of the equipment stolen from the platform. Stele weakened the shields enough to allow transport group Omega to board and capture the transport. From the platform Stormtrooper transport group Ginger then attacked the Fogger, along with Escort Shuttle group Claf, which resulted in all of them being destroyed by the Fogger and the fighter escorts. Once the defenses were eliminated. Transport Sigma then boarded and recaptured the platform, regaining full control of the system.


The Imperials were able to retake the platform and recovered much of the stolen material from the outpost in the process. Soon they would find the source of the rebel attacks on D-34. Located in the Bruanii sector.

Behind the scenesEdit

This is the storyline of the mission following "medium" difficulty. If the player tries hard diffculty then more starfighter squadrons will appear to attack the Fogger.


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