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"An old student is returning. I don't think the Sith are going to know what hit them."
Master Kavar[2]

The Second Battle of Onderon was a battle of the Onderon Civil War, which occurred in 3951 BBY on the planet Onderon and its moon, Dxun, and was one of the last major events of the First Jedi Purge. The battle concluded the Civil War and paved the way to the end of the purge, by acting as the catalyst that goaded the Sith into revealing themselves so that they could be destroyed by the Meetra Surik, the Jedi Exile.


Throughout the civil war, Jedi Master Kavar, Queen Talia's advisor, thought they would be able to win the war on their own, since most of the Onderon military remained loyal to the Queen, not her cousin General Vaklu. The Master realized that the true battle was not fought between two representatives of the Onderon royal dynasty, it was fought between the Galactic Republic, which struggled to retain Onderon as its world, and Vaklu's secret allies. He wanted these allies to reveal themselves, but they unexpectedly turned to be the Sith—a force too powerful for the Onderonians to handle.

Kavar then decided to summon another Jedi, who had recently visited Iziz and met him—Meetra Surik. Having just finished the search for other Jedi Masters, the Exile saw this event as an opportunity to unite the three remaining Masters—Kavar, Vrook Lamar and Zez-Kai Ell—and answered the call to war again.

The battle[]

"You would destroy everything just for your ambition Vaklu! The Republic, Iziz, everything!"
That is a gross simplification, Talia. Change is a painful process. A price must be paid, but Onderon will have a new destiny. One larger than you could imagine."
Talia and Vaklu[2]

The Exile's ship, the Ebon Hawk, landed in the jungles of Dxun, the primary moon of Onderon, near Mandalore the Preserver's Mandalorian camp. There she discovered that the Sith established base very close to the camp, near the ancient tomb of Sith Lord Freedon Nadd. Realizing she could not deal with the Sith herself, as Kavar and Talia urgently needed help in Iziz, the Exile dispatched three of her companions to aid the Mandalorians against the Sith. Then she set off to Iziz in a Basilisk war droid, modified to hold three people, together with Kreia and one more companion.

Vaklu's elite guards battling it out with the Jedi Exile during the Second Battle of Onderon (the Exile's appearance and lightsaber is customizable).

The Exile's companions succeeded in their mission. They dealt with the Sith guarding the entrance to the tomb and, inside the tomb itself, interrupted a ritual that four Sith Masters were performing near Freedon Nadd's sarcophagus. After the tomb's master tried to persuade them to join the dark side, Meetra's allies killed the sith in turn, and took Nadd's short lightsaber from his sarcophagus.

Meanwhile, as the Basilisk landed in the ruined merchant quarter of Iziz, Vaklu's troops patrolling the sector fled, thinking correctly that the Mandalorians had sided with Talia. With the help of Captain Bostuco and his royalist soldiers, the Exile attacked through Vaklu's defenses on the Sky Ramp, a long bridge that connected the merchant quarter with the royal palace. Although the Exile seemed impossibly outnumbered, Vaklu's troops, the Sith and the beast were no match for two powerful Force users. Eventually, after turning the Sky Ramp into a slaugterhouse, and in the process relieving a beleaguered Royalist force in a pillbox and shooting down Vakluist aircraft in the area, thus giving the sky to the Royalists, she fought her way to the palace.

Vaklu fights Talia in the throne room.

Inside the palace, the Exile found Vaklu and Colonel Tobin attempting to use a drexl beast to cut through a force field—the last obstacle between them and the throne room. To make things worse, Tobin sealed the exit, and Kiph, a Twi'lek computer slicer hired by Vaklu, activated traps for the Exile and blocked Captain Kadron of the royalists from reopening the door.

Eventually, the Exile found Kiph and blocked him from accessing the security system. Kadron reopened the door, and the Exile reached it just as the drexl cut through the force field. However, the beast attacked Tobin, who barely survived. Vaklu's soldiers ran into the throne room, as the Exile killed the beast.

Inside the throne room Vaklu dueled Talia. At the critical point of the battle, Master Kavar arrived, and fought his way into the throne room. Vaklu's soldiers were quickly dealt with by Kavar and the Exile. Vaklu himself was severely wounded by the Exile.


"Onderon shall remain in the Republic, and the world shall prosper, though its people shall, over time, lose their customs in the ocean of the Republic and become the people of Onderon no longer."
Darth Traya's prophecy on the future of Onderon[2]

Talia ordered her cousin to be promptly executed and, despite his pleas, Vaklu was executed by the Royalists.

The civil war was over. However, the Sith threat still existed. Kreia developed a plan to deal with the Sith Lord, Darth Nihilus, whom she knew was Vaklu and Tobin's secret ally. Kreia lied to Tobin and told him that the Jedi were hiding in Atris' academy on Telos IV. This ultimately led to the even more dramatic Battle of Telos IV.

Afterward, Kavar left Onderon, seeking to meet two other Jedi Masters on Dantooine. The Exile boarded a shuttle back to Dxun. There she was congratulated by G0-T0 for stabilizing the political situation on the planet, before leaving on the Ebon Hawk.

Behind the scenes[]

Gameplay alternatives in Iziz[]

Alternatively, the player can try to persuade the queen that her killing Vaklu would only make him a martyr and that she should concentrate on rebuilding her planet and win back the support of her people, and so Talia declares Vaklu be imprisoned and await a proper trial. The player can also agree with Kreia that Vaklu is too dangerous to leave alive and personally give soldiers the order to shoot him. If the player chooses to follow the dark side path, it leads to an alternate ending where the Exile sides with Vaklu against Talia and, after reaching the throne room, eventually kills Kavar. The Exile has the option to either kill Talia personally or let Vaklu's soldiers finish the job. Vaklu thanks the Exile for their actions and says that if the Exile ever needs a place to hide, Onderon will be a safe haven.

If the player was skilled in Battle meditation, they could use the power to aid the allies of whichever side the player chose instead of actually engaging enemy soldiers.

Gameplay alternatives on Dxun[]

The Adept is a character in the computer and video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. The canon choice is unknown, the Exile may appoint the task to one of the above, even if they had yet to receive training in the ways of the Force at the time before the mission. In any event, he or she would learn of being Force-sensitive from the Sith Master of the final confrontation. Male playing characters get Brianna instead of Mical, and can select her for this mission. However, since the release of Star Wars Miniatures: Knights of the Old Republic, Brianna following the Exile became canon even with the Exile being a woman.



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