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The Second Battle of Platform NL-1 was a conflict during the Battle on the Frontier campaign of the Galactic Civil War


Vice Admiral, at the time, Thrawn was anxious to inspect the work of his subordinates on Space station NL-1. Much of Frigate Ludwick's TIE fighter and Interceptor stores could not be fielded as a fighter screen during Thrawn's inspection, due to repair and refurbishing necessities; thus the Ludwick would suffice with heavily armed TIE Bombers to oversee the Vice Admiral's visit. Imperial Intelligence expected trouble but had no intel.

The BattleEdit

Thrawn and his staff ferried from his command ship, the Victory-Class Star Destroyer Stalwart to NL-1 aboard Transports Sigma. No sooner had Thrawn begun his journey to NL-1 an attack composed of Rebel A-wings, X-wings and Y-wings arrived. Imperial fighters moved to intercept as Thrawn's inspection team boarded the platform. Imperial pilots, one of which was Maarek Stele, managed to finish off this low level hit and run just as Admiral Thrawn completed his inspection, returning to the Stalwart aboard Transport Omega. Moments after Imperial TIE Bombers moved to escort Thrawn back to the Stalwart, several groups of pirate shuttles arrived to add the disruption. Thrawn safely arrived aboard his vessel as Imperial fighters suppressed the last of the rebel and pirate nuisance.


The skirmish was considered a close call for Thrawn's safety. He was impressed by Stele's performance in a TIE Bomber in a role it was not designed to do. With the inspection complete Thrawn decided to make preparations to finalise the station and bring the Pakuuni sector under Imperial control.

Behind the scenesEdit

This skirmish takes place on the PC Game Star Wars: TIE Fighter as Battle 3 Mission 5.


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