"I don't know how long the battle lasted. It seemed like days—it may have only been hours ... General Tarkin had been most explicit about wanting only Humans in his army and many of us, I am ashamed to say, thought like him, myself included. We learned from you that day. Kindness and healing flowed from you. Your concern was genuine. We were not tools towards your own individual glory. We would never forget that lesson."
―General Ranulph Tarkin's former military aide and Stark Hyperspace War veteran Jace Dallin, to Jedi Master Plo Koon in 30 BBY.[src]

The Second Battle of Qotile was a battle of the Stark Hyperspace War, the second of five battles fought on the Outer Rim world of Troiken. Following the disastrous first battle, the remaining soldiers of Ranulph Tarkin's paramilitary regrouped inside the mines of Mount Avos on Troiken, where the forces of the Stark Collective subjected them to aerial bombardment. The Collective's leadership was unhappy that Republic resistance had not crumbled at once, but Iaco Stark convinced them that their setback was only minor, and that a frontal assault would destroy the Republic's resistance.

This was overheard by the telepathy of Jedi Knight Plo Koon, who used it to prepare the Republic forces. Although the Collective had the advantage in numbers, the Republic forces had the advantage of a defensive position and discipline. The battle raged for hours before the Collective temporarily retreated, regrouped, and attacked again, before being defeated. Throughout the battle, Koon was able to always predict where the next Collective attack would occur.

Following the battle, the Jedi tended to the Republic's wounded while Stark convinced his lieutenants against any further attacks, intending to starve out the Republic force—with its ten-day food supply and limited ammunition.


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