The Second Battle of Tatooine was a battle of the Clone Wars.


Following the recapture of Sarapin, Jedi General Echuu Shen-Jon learned from Separatist officer Zian Finnis that the Hutt Cartel had knowledge of the whereabouts of General Sev'rance Tann.

Once on Tatooine, Echuu and his Padawan, Commander Naat Reath, met Jabba the Hutt. Jabba knew that Boorka was in league with the Confederacy and felt that Boorka had gone too far. The Jedi's starting army was not enough to destroy the Confederacy's base on the planet.

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When they went into Mos Osnoe, the citizens told them that Tusken Raiders had been attacking at night, but they would still give the Jedi the resources and worker droids necessary to build up their army. Echuu and Naat went to the Tusken Village east of town and killed all of them. The citizens then gave them resources and worker droids.

After massing up an army, Echuu and Naat killed Boorka, and Jabba rewarded them for the deed. Republic forces then destroyed all Separatist presence on Tatooine and discovered a Trade Federation outpost on Aereen.



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