Corran Horn: "We have serious trouble here, Invidious. You have fighters coming up from Xa Fel."
Invidious: "It will be impossible for them to get through our fighter screen, Rock Lead."
Corran Horn: "Don't say impossible. That's Rogue Squadron, and impossible is their stock in trade."
Corran Horn and the Invidious[src]

The Second Battle of Xa Fel was fought at Xa Fel in 11 ABY between the Invids and the New Republic.

The battleEdit

A New Republic task force had been sent to the world Xa Fel on a surprise visit to ensure that the local KDY industrial leaders began to get serious about complying with New Republic environmental regulations that had allowed to go slack due to the Thrawn crisis and Operation Shadow Hand. The Invids pirate organization under Leonia Tavira had also targeted Xa Fel as their next raiding destination. Arriving in the midst of the New Republic inspection, the Khuiumin Survivors fighter squadrons under Captain Jenos Idanian (really Corran Horn) managed to defend the Invidious and stave off large-scale casualties for the pirates, allowing them to flee into hyperspace.


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