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The Second Battle of the Sepan System was another skirmish that took part at the Sepan system in 3 ABY.


During the Sepan campaign, a group of Ripoblus refugees, mostly scientists, were fleeing the Sepan Civil War, using a stolen System patrol craft Glas and two Lambda-class shuttles. Imperial forces under the command of Admiral Harkov, offered the refugees asylum and they agreed to dock with the Victory I-class Star Destroyer Protector as the Glass was not hyperdrive capable. They came under attack from Ripoblus and Dimok forces were not far behind.


TIE Interceptor Gamma Squadron which included Maarek Stele intercepted the Ripoblus Y-wings and Shuttles attacking the refugees. Not long into the conflict Dimok Y-wings and Lambda shuttles entered with the same mind of stopping the refugees, but both were ultimately unsuccessful. Glas then docked with the Protector and all personal abandoned the craft, leaving it on autopilot to drift off into space. Suddenly 4 Escort shuttles from the Ripoblus entered and attacked the Protector but all were destroyed. The two Shuttles Nazaar soon docked into the hanger of the Protector


The Refugees were grateful for the asylum offered by Harkov.

Behind the scenesEdit

The conflict is described in the game Star Wars: TIE Fighter. It is Battle 2 Mission 3 in the game.



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