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"We've got the machine! We've got the muscle! And soon, the Ewoks will be just a furry little memory."

The Second Battle of the Soul Trees was a confrontation in the Ewok–Dulok wars between the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village and the Duloks of the Dulok Swamp. The battle occurred in 3 ABY, after Wicket W. Warrick, grandson of Erpham Warrick, reconstructed his ancestor's battle wagon, which had been used to defeat the Duloks in the much earlier First Battle of the Soul Trees. Nevertheless, the Ewoks lost the war machine to King Gorneesh's tribe. Under guidance of their oracle, Murgoob, the Duloks aimed the contraption at the Ewoks' Soul Trees. Warrick and another Ewok named Malani managed to sabotage the battle wagon before it could reach its target and cause any real damage.[1]


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