Second Death was a unique vessel constructed from the remains of the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Razor's Kiss.


"Ugliest ship I think I've ever seen. Melvar, you have done a magnificent job."
―Warlord Zsinj, upon first seeing the Second Death[src]

After Razor's Kiss was destroyed in the Battle for the Razor's Kiss, Warlord Zsinj ordered his forces to collect the scattered debris of the massive warship. Even his second in command, General Melvar, was mystified as to why valuable resources were being expended on such a seemingly pointless task. It was not until after the recovery operation was completed that Zsinj revealed his plan. He then ordered the construction of a new ship from the debris, painted with all of Iron Fist's markings. The ship was constructed with an experimental nightcloak function and three Sentinel-class landing craft for the use of its skeleton crew.

Though enormous, Second Death lacked both armament and shields. Its sole purpose was to allow Zsinj to, if the need arose, present the illusion that his infamous flagship had been destroyed. The ship was used for that purpose shortly after its construction, at the Battle of Selaggis. When Zsinj realized he was in danger of being overwhelmed by General Han Solo's fleet, Second Death was called to Selaggis with its nightcloak activated. Iron Fist entered the nightcloak and jumped to hyperspace, undetected by Solo's fleet, while Second Death self-destructed.

At least one New Republic pilot, Tetengo Noor, flew into the nightcloak at Selaggis and saw Second Death, noticing markings that identified the ship as Iron Fist and thus revealing its purpose. Noor and his A-wing were caught in the blast of its self-destruct before he could report his discovery. A number of New Republic starfighters including those from Polearm Squadron were similarly destroyed in the blast.

Second Death's destruction produced debris which appeared to be the remains of Iron Fist. Zsinj completed the illusion by contacting Solo via holocomm, appearing defeated and enraged, and roundly cursing Solo for costing him so dearly. Solo's hunt for the Star Dreadnought was therefore ended. Iron Fist would not be seen again until it appeared in orbit over Dathomir to confront Solo.



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