The second Galactic Alliance Chief of State election of 44 ABY saw the election of Senator Rokari Kem as Galactic Alliance Chief of State following a motion of no confidence in incumbent Chief Padnel Ovin.

Senator Kameron Suldar, Ovin's king-maker, addressed the Senate and informed them that, due to the recent several events that had plagued the Galactic Alliance, such as the death of Admiral Sallinor Parova, death of senator Fost Bramsin, resignation of senator Haydnat Treen and Ovin's connection with Jedi and terrorist activities, he no longer believed that Ovin was capable of running the government. Therefore, he nominated Senator Kem as a candidate to become interim Chief of State. Kem's popularity greatly aided the motion and the Senate was prepared to vote when Chief of State Ovin asked to address the Senate where he delivered a lengthy speech on his ascension and the struggle of his homeworld.

Unbeknownst to all, Kem was actually the Force entity known as Abeloth, and Suldar and his bloc in the Senate were actually undercover Sith Lords. Abeloth, fed up with Ovin's speech, used her powers to give him a heart attack. Suldar, knowing that upon a Chief of State's death the interim automatically went to the Chief of Staff, who at the time was Wynn Dorvan, called on the Senate to vote immediately. Abeloth subtly influenced the vote with her powers and she won the vote with four-fifths of the Senate in her favor.


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