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"Do you think you can just barge in here and take me into custody, Jedi?"
Lannik Racto to Jaden Korr just before he destroys the bridge from the landing pad to his office[src]

The Mission to Coruscant was carried out by Jaden Korr in 14 ABY during the Disciples of Ragnos crisis.


After receiving reports of illegal assassin droids flooding the Invisible Market, the New Republic contacted the New Jedi Order to capture small-time crime lord Lannik Racto, believed to be behind the influx of the illegal droids. Jaden Korr, being a native of Coruscant, was given the mission.


Many ways exist to lose your money

An advertisement in the disreputable suburbs near Racto's base reading "There are many ways to lose your money here…"

Having tracked down Racto's headquarters, Korr flew his Far Wanderer to a landing platform nearby. As he approached a bridge leading to the building, Racto appeared, mocked Jaden, and set off an explosive charge, destroying the bridge.

Korr was forced to find another way around, traversing ledges and skywalks to reach the building's entrance. A number of mercenaries and assassin droids were dispatched along the route to ambush Korr, but they all failed to stop the Jedi, who finally reached Racto's office.

Inside the building, Korr was confronted by Sith Cultists, whom he defeated easily. Heading upstairs, he surprised Racto, who presumed he would have been defeated. Playing his one last card, Racto sealed himself in a blast-proof room and unleashed a squad of his assassin droids. When all was quiet, Racto unsealed himself, thinking that Korr was dead. Korr, standing behind Racto, ignited his lightsaber in front of Racto's throat. Racto meekly surrendered.



Crime lord Lannik Racto.

With Racto in custody, having confessed the location of his factory on Nar Shaddaa, the New Republic was able to quickly shut it down (Korr would later encounter some of the droids on Vjun). For the New Jedi Order, it meant one more supporter and financial backer of the Disciples of Ragnos was neutralized. In Racto's office were a number of artifacts, including a bust of Marka Ragnos which the Jedi Order confiscated.


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